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With about 1,500 participants every year, the code.talks has become one of the largest developer conferences in Europe.

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Founded in 2010 as a community-format conference and counterpart to boring conferences organized for professionals and by organizers outside the industry, some points were and still are very important to us right from the start:

1.  All kinds of subjects all around web development.

Every participant should be able to attend an interesting lecture at any time.  To ensure this, there are always 6 lectures held at the same time, which are divided into 14 tracks. This is how we get 84 lectures in two days and ensure that there is something for everyone.

2. Interesting  speakers.

A conference feeds on exciting lectures. This is why we actively promote our Call for Papers. In addition, we also proactively write to lots of exciting companies that otherwise don't appear at conferences and motivate them to give a lecture. This gives us exclusive insights into companies time and again. Curators, who likewise try to get interesting speakers, have also been in place since 2015.

3. Fun and respect.

Conferences should also be fun. That is why we provide an extensive supporting programme, good food, a sensational party and a lot of other gimmicks. With all the fun, however, a respectful approach is very important to us (see Code of Conduct).

4. Youth development.

Each year, there are highly discounted tickets for university and high-school students and trainees. In addition, university professors will provide free tickets to students who focus on IT. This is how approximately 15% of the tickets go to university and high-school students as well as trainees each year. Since the prices are far below cost, these tickets are financed through sponsorship.

5. Promoting diversity.

The organizing team is trying very hard to get as many women as possible as speakers and participants. This is why we grant great discounts and free tickets to initiatives such as the Hamburg Geekettes, the Rails Girls or the Digital Media Women. We are also trying to support them through cooperative ventures. We also work on the selection of speakers and programme planning together with curators who provide variety and know-how. 1-2 curators are responsible for each one of the 11 thematic tracks. This is how we ensure that a representative sample of people, instead of a single individual, decides on the speakers and themes of the code.talks.

6. Promoting the community.

The organizers of the code.talks work closely with user groups and smaller industry events. In addition to discounted and free tickets as well as smaller co-operative projects, we would like to continue to expand our co-operative efforts. In setting up a Community Corner at the code.talks, we have created a contact point for local user groups at the conference. Meetings are also included in the conference programme. This allows each user group to hold their own meeting at the code.talks. An overview of various user groups can be found under Initiatives. If your user group is not already registered, please contact us at: info@code.talks.de. We will be happy to include you!

7. Financial support for non-profit initiatives.

The points mentioned above are very important to us, and there are many useful initiatives who are doing a lot for the above points. Since these initiatives always depend on financial support, we have donated five euros per sold ticket (except for student tickets) to initiatives and associations starting in 2015 in order to promote young talent and diversity in the IT area.

By the way, the developer conference started in Hamburg in 2011 and was still held under the name Developer Conference and/or "Devcon Hamburg". Since there were problems with the name for trademark reasons and to convey the uniqueness of the event, the conference was renamed from Developer Conference to code.talks in 2013. At the Developer Conference 2013, each participant had the opportunity to submit a proposal. The lucky winner now enjoys free tickets to the code.talks for life.

Code of conduct

As the name implies, certain rules of conduct apply to our conferences to make the code.talks a safe and enjoyable place for all. All participants, speakers, curators, sponsors and organizers are called on to comply with these rules, which are enforced by the staff throughout the entire conference. By buying a ticket, registering as a sponsor and committing to give a lecture, the parties agree to our code of conduct for the code.talks. Participants who violate these rules can expect to be sanctioned by the event staff up to and including being expelled from the conference without any claim to a refund of the ticket price.

Nobody is to be discriminated or harassed at the code.talks because of their gender, sexual orientation, disability, appearance, physique, ethnicity or religious affiliation (or absence thereof). We will not tolerate any harassment, and any sexualized language and representations are particulraly unwanted at the conference: this includes the venue, the lectures, workshops, the after-work party as well as Twitter, Facebook and other media. Among other things, "harassment" includes offensive statements about one's gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance such as one's physique, ethnicity or religious affiliation (or absence thereof) as well as sexualized representations in public spaces, conscious intimidation, stalking, tracking, unwanted photography or filming, repeated disruption of lectures and other events, unwanted physical contact and unwanted sexual attention.

Should you feel harassed or notice that someone else is being harassed or notice any other problems, please contact a member of the organizing team immediately. We are easy to recognize as we all wear the same code.talks t-shirts. All helpers will have an open ear for you and will try to do everything in their power to solve the problem. Of course you can contact us at any time by e-mail: info@codetalks.de.


Heike Häring

Heike  Häring,  event manager and  head of the code.talks organizing team.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please call +49  40  638  569  210 or write an e-mail to  info@codetalks.de.