Two young entrepreneurs had the idea in 2011 with the "Developer Conference" to bring more developers together in a relaxed and familial atmosphere to form a community, to expand the horizon together, and at the same time to push the location Hamburg in the digital industry. Within two years, today's code.talks conference has grown into an exchange platform for over 1,500 tech enthusiasts who share our passion. Every year, we offer an updated program with a diverse selection of lectures and panel discussions on the topics and trends that currently move our developer industry. To further develop this vision in the coming years, ABOUT YOU and thus code.talks have decided to hand over the developer conference to alphalist GmbH in 2023. Together we have the mission to create a large collaborative developer community to promote the exchange within the IT industry even more. So what are you waiting for, share our vision and become part of a large code.talks community. Together we want to experience exciting lectures, exchange ideas, code with others, and last but not least, we of course want to celebrate a great time with you at the After Conference Party.

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OUR Principles


    We want to broaden our horizon together and move beyond our regular programming cosmos. Anyone can find just what they were looking for at code.talks. The conference is built on diverse and captivating subjects connected to web development. We support pioneers and visionaries who want to share their ideas to inspire other people. We want to use our passion for coding to bring IT enthusiasts together in a relaxed atmosphere where they can spend two memorable days filled with inspiration, extraordinary presentations, and, of course, fun.


    Anyone is welcome at code.talks just as they are. Respectful cooperation is a matter of course for us. It is the basis on which all participants can share their ideas in a relaxed atmosphere. We welcome national and international speakers and promote cultural exchange. The digital world itself has no limits. No one should be discriminated against or harassed at code.talks due to their origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or appearance. Learn more about this in our code of conduct.


    We can make great progress by sharing our knowledge. Therefore we offer tickets with a large discount for students, pupils, and trainees. Due to our cooperation with universities, professors have the possibility to grant free tickets to students with a focus on IT, who would be unable to participate in spite of that discount. Since ticket prices are far below cost price, the tickets are co-financed by partners.


    This is for the community. code.talks is known for its relaxed atmosphere, which is an essential element for us. We are proud to run a conference that is covering its expenses by income and expenditure. From the very beginning, we have been focusing on the community and the passion of developers rather than profit-oriented goals.


    Financial support of non-profit initiatives is important to us. Our principles are dear to us, leading us to support organizations and events that share them. Depending on the funds available to us, we make donations to other non-profit initiatives and associations that promote young talent and diversity in the IT sector.


    We are aware that sustainability is an important process in the organization of events. We believe that every step in the right direction of ecological responsibility makes a difference. So we try to keep waste production as low as possible and we strive for sustainable use of print media. Our tickets are always digital, and our schedule can be downloaded into your private calendar. We work together with regional caterers and their products, too.


Everyone is welcome at code.talks and should be able to experience two comfortable conference days. We have established some rules of conduct to warrant exchange of information in a relaxed atmosphere.

Nobody should be discriminated against or harassed at code.talks! “Harassment” includes, among other things, offensive statements based on gender, sexual orientation, disability, appearance, physique, ethnicity, or religious affiliation (or lack thereof), sexualized language and depictions in public places, deliberate intimidation, stalking, prosecution, undesired photographing or recording, repeated disruption of lectures and other events, undesired physical contact, and undesired sexual attention. This includes the venue, the lectures, the workshops, the after conference party, and various social media channels.

All visitors, no matter if they are participants, speakers, curators, partners, or organizers, are asked to comply with these rules. When they purchase their ticket, book a partnership, or agree to hold a talk, visitors confirm that they will comply with our expectations to their conduct at code.talks. Anyone found in violation of these rules will be subject to sanctions imposed by the event staff, up to ban from the conference without any entitlement to a refund of the admission fee.

Please contact a member of the organizer team immediately if you feel harassed or notice that someone else is being harassed, or if there are any other problems. You can recognize us easily by our code.talks crew t-shirts. All helpers will be ready to listen to you and do what they can to solve the issue. Of course, you may also contact us by email at any time: [email protected]